Family Law and Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles 

and Orange County 

My extensive qualifications uniquely position me to address your legal needs comprehensively and effectively. Whether you are navigating the sensitive terrain of Family Law, seeking redress in Personal Injury cases, addressing instances of Abuse and neglect, pursuing Worker's Compensation claims, or dealing with complexities in Medical Malpractice, rest assured that my combined legal and medical expertise is at your service.

With a commitment to excellence, a dedication to continuous learning, and a multifaceted skill set, I stand ready to advocate for your rights and deliver effective solutions to your legal challenges.

Bringing a rich and diverse skill set to the legal arena, I specialize in an array of practice areas, including Family Law, Personal Injury, Abuse and neglect, Worker's Compensation, and Medical Malpractice. What sets me apart is the unique fusion of legal understanding and medical expertise, underlined by licenses from the California State Bar and the Board of Registered Nursing.

My academic background reflects a commitment to excellence, holding a Juris Doctor with a Children's & Family Certificate from JFKU, School of Law. Further complementing my legal credentials is an MSN/BSN obtained from CSU, Dominguez Hills, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of medical intricacies crucial in fields like Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice.

Noteworthy is my certification in Mediation conferred by the Congress of Neutrals, which shows that it's a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of legal cases.

Active engagement with esteemed professional associations, including the State Bar of California, California Lawyers Association, and various county bar associations, underscores my commitment to ongoing professional development. By staying abreast of legal developments and cultivating a robust network, I ensure that my clients benefit from the latest insights and resources in the legal landscape.



Meet Eliza: Your Dedicated Advocate

Eliza brings a distinguished track record of delivering outstanding results for her clients, showcasing expertise across a spectrum of legal areas. Eliza is not just an attorney; she's your dedicated advocate with a proven record of achieving excellent results for her clients. Her representation spans numerous family law cases, including dissolutions, custody, support, probate, and civil litigation matters.

Eliza's unique background as a Registered Nurse and licensed Attorney sets her apart. Before establishing her law practice, she served as a Registered Nurse in various hospitals across Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Notably, she contributed to prominent institutions such as Los Angeles County Public Health and the City of Anaheim. Additionally, Eliza ventured into entrepreneurship, managing her own Professional Fiduciary and Consulting business.

Her legal acumen extends to civil litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, worker's compensation, and family law matters. Eliza earned her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and Public Health from CSU Dominguez Hills. In 2008, she furthered her education, obtaining a Master's Degree in Nursing, Administration, and Healthcare Management, along with a Quality Improvement Certificate. Eliza culminated her academic journey by earning her law degree from the JFK University of Law in 2016.

Eliza's multidisciplinary background uniquely positions her to navigate the intricacies of legal matters, offering a comprehensive and compassionate approach to her client's diverse needs. Eliza's diverse background uniquely positions her to understand and address your legal needs comprehensively. Trust her to navigate your case with care and dedication, ensuring you receive the support you deserve. 


10 / 10

Reviewed by Julia K

October 10, 2023

Eliza was very informative, explained my options, took the time to make sure that I understood all the steps in the process, and returned my calls and emails. Was very caring and thorough!

9 / 10

Reviewed by Vishnu Vardhan A

September 08, 2023

Got to know more details about the law

10 / 10

Reviewed by Jocelyn M

July 07, 2023

She is very helpful and also answers my questions she did nothing wrong. she is amazing.

10 / 10

Reviewed by Monica R

June 06, 2023

she is welcoming, understanding, an expert in the topic, and responding she provided everything I needed

10 / 10

Reviewed by Vincent H N

February 07, 2023

Eliza explained the situation we were in very well and she provided information how to proceed with the next steps.

10 / 10

Reviewed by Jocelyn M

December 09, 2022

through my custody case

10 / 10

Reviewed by Jessie M

June 24, 2022

Eliza helped me really look outside the box when it came to my case. She spotted things that no attorney has ever done and is a complete advocate for her client (me). I am grateful to have found Eliza who is an expert at her craft and would recommend 100% to the next person who needs legal support. Nothing to say here she helped tremendously.

10 / 10

Reviewed by Fred A

March 18, 2022

The case still going on. Too early.